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Reviews in Progress

Our review program provides the mechanism to discern a level of confidence in the Queensland disaster management arrangements and to value-add via the identification of risks and gaps and by prioritising improvements.  We collaborate with agencies to facilitate solutions and provide clear direction on areas of focus for stakeholders.

Review topics are identified in consultation with disaster management stakeholders and through broad environmental scanning activities conducted by the Office of the IGEM staff.  All topics then undergo an assessment process where the most appropriate method for addressing an identified issue is selected from the suite of assurance activities.

Reviews involve a significant depth of enquiry and produce findings, conclusions and recommendations for improvement. Recommendations will be tracked and shared to guide improvement and enhance excellence in Queensland's disaster management arrangements.

The following review schedule has been developed in line with the range of identified priorities provided to the Inspector-General Emergency Management by disaster management stakeholders.

Reviews currently in progress include:

Review of evacuation management arrangements

When the Inspector-General was tasked to review the effectiveness of disaster management arrangements regarding Tropical Cyclone Debbie, a review into evacuation management arrangements, which had been underway, was temporarily suspended. The review has now restarted, continuing its focus on linkages between the Standard for Disaster Management in Queensland, current evacuation arrangements, good practice in academic literature and other jurisdictions, plans and planning, and putting plans into practice.  Aspects of the review have already proved beneficial in the Cyclone Debbie review. The review into evacuation management arrangements is expected to be completed before the next cyclone season.

Review of recovery arrangements in Queensland

The area of recovery has been identified in both assurance and review work as an area of interest by the Office of the IGEM. A review is being undertaken into the efficacy of recovery governance, with the assistance of the Queensland Reconstruction Authority. The review will include an assessment of the extent to which recovery arrangements reflect best practice, to identify and support optimal local level recovery planning and community outcomes. The review is expected to be completed prior to the end of the year.

The IGEM Strategic Review Process provides detail on how and when participating agencies or groups will be involved in reviews.


Completed Review Publications are available on our Reports and Publications webpage.