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Our Structure

igem-org-structure 2018.JPG​​​

The Office of the Inspector-General Emergency Management has a workforce of 21 staff which includes permanent and temporary staff.

The Office of the IGEM is structured under four main business streams:

  • Community and Stakeholder Relations
  • Emergency Management Standards, Best Practice and Evaluation
  • Interoperability and Innovation
  • Performance, Reporting and Policy Analysis

The activities of each of these areas are guided by a four year strategic plan and annual business and operational plans. These plans provide the framework against which the Office of the IGEM progressively monitors and measures the achievement of strategic objectives.

Governance Committees

Executive Management Committee

The Executive Management Committee (EMC) is the key leadership group for the Office of the Inspector-General Emergency Management.

The EMC provides leadership and direction on strategic and operational issues and supports the Inspector-General Emergency Management as the accountable officer under section 61 of the Financial Accountability Act 2009, to achieve efficient, effective and financially responsible management for the Office of the IGEM.