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​Emergency Management Prioritisation Tool

​​​The Prioritisation Tool has been developed by the Office of the Inspector-General Emergency Management (IGEM) to assist the disaster management sector undertake a health check of disaster management arrangements using the Standard for Disaster Management in Queensland (the Standard).

The Prioritisation Tool provides an opportunity for practitioners to self-assess their disaster management capabilities and prioritise actions to improve their entity's capabilities and functions.

Whilst not mandatory, it is encouraged that entities use the Prioritisation Tool to support the embedding of the Standard in their disaster management arrangements.

How does the Prioritisation Tool work?

The Prioritisation Tool is a Microsoft Excel file that you can download and is available to anyone with an interest in disaster management. With this Tool you can work out whether your entity can achieve the Key Outcomes for each of the Standard's 14 Components. You just need to rate each Component from Low to High. When complete, the Tool will give you the results of your assessment and show you the areas that need immediate action, or help you arrange actions in order of priority to improve your entity's disaster management.

​Key messages

  • It provides a (non-linear) health check of your disaster management arrangements using the Standard
  • The Tool can be completed by anyone with disaster management responsibilities
  • It allows the practitioner to prioritise actions to improve disaster management capabilities
  • It is a self-assessment and does not require you  to validate your answers or provide evidence

The Office of the IGEM does not collect any data in relation to your capability ratings

IGEM Prioritisation Tool