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Emergency Management Assurance Framework

​​​​​​The Emergency Management Assurance Framework is a commitment by Queensland’s disaster management stakeholders to position Queensland as the most disaster resilient State in Australia. 

The framework supports accountability and builds consistency across all levels of the disaster management arrangements and reinforces a shared responsibility for delivering better disaster management outcomes for the community.

The framework, the first of its kind in Queensland, promotes an end-to-end approach to the continual improvement of disaster management effectiveness and will enable a statement of confidence in Queensland’s disaster management arrangements.  Developed in collaboration with disaster management practitioners, the framework provides a standard that can be applied by all Queensland disaster management stakeholders to ensure their legislative responsibilities are met and that disaster management programs are effective, aligned with good practice, encourage the best use of resources and meet the needs of Queensland communities.





The framework establishes the Standard for Disaster Management in Queensland (the Standard) and is founded on six shared responsibilities, good practice guidance and clear accountabilities. The Standard describes the attributes of effective disaster management, outlines to stakeholders the required outcomes against the Standard and provides indicators that will contribute to the likelihood of disaster management entities achieving these outcomes. The Standard also forms the basis of Assurance Activities undertaken by the Office of the Inspector-General Emergency Management (Office of the IGEM).

The Standard is created under section 16N (1) of the Disaster Management Act 2003​ and will be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains contemporary and meets the needs and expectations of the disaster management sector and the community.


​​Assurance Activities


The framework outlines a tiered approach to assurance activities which are designed to collectively contribute to an overall assessment of the effectiveness of disaster management in Queensland.  The assurance activities will assess performance against the Standard, other relevant legislation, policy or good practice guidelines and are structured into three tiers to reflect different levels of independence, depth, scope and rigour. These tiers range from self-assessments aimed at reducing red tape and allowing stakeholders to gauge their own effectiveness, through to independent reviews conducted by the Office of the IGEM.

The assurance activities will enable the identification of good practice and improvement opportunities, both of which will be shared with the disaster management sector as part of this continuous improvement approach.


Quality and Continuous Improvement


This guide documents the processes by which the Office of the Inspector-General Emergency Management monitors and continuously improves the accuracy, excellence and value of the Emergency Management Assurance Framework.